Filters allow you to define the tasks of tasks to staff, through the use of specific field values such documents. Dictionaries. Each task can be assigned to user groups. It is described instructions and a set of buttons to execute it.


Execution: Select the task from the list and its implementation does not require opening another window – everything happens on one screen. Work is progressing smoothly, nice and fast and the next tasks by priority automatically opens at the end of the previous one.

Management: Defining the new filters tasks for employees is a simple task priorities provide the performance of tasks according to the established order.

More information:

Filters tasks are interesting functionality allows you to define documentary workflow based on the values of documents. Filter tasks allows you to define the tasks of the employee or group. The task is a document that meets certain criteria: eg. Status = new. The task shall be defined by the button (s). Each of the buttons changes the attributes of a document so that the task does not appear any more in the list